About Kumprami

Thank you for wanting to know more about us

Part of the Mi-family

Kumprami is an initiative of the Mi-family. The Mi-family consists of brands like Informami, Kumprami and Siñami.

Main objective

Our main objective is to make it possible for all companies, small and big to be able to sell online.

How it all began

For the ones interested in our story: It all began in 2014 when one Bachelor student discovered his passion for online marketing. He realized the great benefits the digital world could bring to the Caribbean and the doors it would open for companies and consumers alike.

Little did he know that it would take a lot of sweat, hard work and little compensation to get things started. And the first lesson he learned was the following: When I give my all to customers, and ask them for feedback in order to make the Mi-family better for them, they will appreciate the company more. This will create a relationship that can last forever.

That’s how it all snowballed into this. Because the Mi-family, thus Kumprami is all about making you as a customer happy. Whether you are a vendor or a consumer, our job is to keep you satisfied.


Customer prioritizers

Customers are for us our top priority. It is our duty to keep all our website visitors happy.

Door openers

We are continiously trying to open new doors for our beloved customers. These doors hold many benefits that many don't know of.

Feedback lovers

We love to hear more from our customers. After all we are doing this for you. So don't be shy. we are looking forward to your feedback.

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